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You Think You’ll Love These Luxury Features But Almost No One Ever Uses Them

If you’re anything like us, you spend your days endlessly clicking through photos of luxury homes, dreaming of the day when you can upgrade to a villa with a wine-tasting room, free-standing tub, and home gym—the high-end features that suit your fantasies of affluent relaxation.

But think again: You’re likely to find that some of your longed-for luxuries will simply gather dust—and worse, taking up space. And no matter how large your home is, square footage is always a valued commodity.

So, which luxury features are worth a splurge—and which aren’t? Here you go:

Not worth the upgrade

A survey of prospective home buyers last year found that their most-wanted luxury feature was a chef’s kitchen. But if you’re not an actual professional chef feeding dozens of people at least twice a day, well, you probably won’t be getting the most out of these features.

Giant high-end stove: The centerpiece of a gourmet kitchen, of course, is the stove. A true professional model, though, is a major investment. “These stoves can range from $6,000 to $10,000, whereas a quality stove aimed at a regular consumer, rather than a professional, can cost under $2,000,” says interior designer Jennifer Farrell. Realistically, most home cooks will be just fine with a stove in the $1,000 range, she says.

Pot filler: A special swiveling faucet right next to the stove seems like the perfect way to save you from lugging a pot full of water across the kitchen. “The problem is, water doesn’t flow as quickly from a pot filler than from a regular sink faucet, so you’ll likely end up filling up at the big sink,” Farrell says. And the money you spent on that pot filler will go right down the drain.

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